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Why oregon first pac?

Does it seem like MOST oregon politicians have forgotten about you??


For far too long, traditional politics has let most of us down; for one reason or another.

We need to rid ourselves of archaic labels and reach a basic understanding for the long term betterment of Oregon and her future.

Why don't we, (for the greater good of future generations and our children,) come together for our kids?

What do we agree on?  Well, we can all agree that what's happening to many parts of our society are out of control!

We can all agree that Oregon is a BEAUTIFUL state and that we would ALL like to be able to live safely, peacefully and pass on good heritage to our children!

WE NEED: SAFE Communities, schools and streets!

WE NEED: Clean water and safe food.

WE NEED: Businesses to be able to provide stability and good wages for their employees and their families.

Let's come together to SOLVE Oregon's issues for the betterment of all of US!

We at Oregon First!, PAC have solutions to the above issues.  One is homelessness.  The issue is not being solved currently and it's getting worse, threatening the safety of people in the affected communities and the homeless people themselves.

Wouldn't it be nice to SOLVE THAT CRISES, so that once again, these people were productive members of our society and our streets were SAFE again, for EVERYONE?

United By A Common Goal


We need to be supportive of our local businesses; after all, they employ our bosses!

What do I mean by that?  Well, our democracy was organized as a republic.  In so doing, WE THE PEOPLE (that's YOU & I) HOLD THE POWER.

We need to make sure that our elected citizens LISTEN TO US and have our best interests in their heart and mind, and not some special interest group representing fat cats in some far away land or country!

When WE THE PEOPLE begin to take back the POWER, YOU will begin to see some AMAZING things take place- right in your communities!

It's mostly just common sense stuff that somehow has gotten lost in the shuffle and bustle of life!

Wouldn't it be NICE to once again have faith in our Government and our BROTHERS AND SISTERS that have stepped up to SERVE US Oregonians?

WELL..... We have such a plan!  BUT, we need YOUR HELP!

Here is the thing that many people don't realize.  YOU are an ESSENTIAL part of a good democracy!

The GREAT part?  YOUR role in all of this is SUPER EASY! Take a look at the section on the right titled: GET INVOLVED.

But what can I do?


A healthy Democracy is only as strong as it's PEOPLE.

The good news is, YOU have already taken the first step toward a better future, not only for yourself, but for your children and future Oregonians!

Give YOURSELF a pat on the back!

If you have this feeling that Government CAN be BETTER, GREAT!  YOU are in the right place!  We not only believe the same thing- WE KNOW that is the case!

All we need from YOU is a willingness to see change; and BRIGHTER FUTURE!  Wouldn't that be GREAT!

We give you the tools, the knowledge and everything you need to ONCE AGAIN, make Oregon a GREAT place to LIVE!



Make Phone calls!

If you want to SAVE OREGON NOW, we are looking for volunteers in Oregon!

If you like talking to people on the phone, this just might be the PERFECT job for you!  It's super EASY and we show you how!  It's also FUN!

help with social media

like social media? help us on the net.  Looking for volunteers!

We need warriors on the net!  Do you love sharing new things and ideas with all your friends and helping with social media?  Well then we have got the PERFECT task!

Man the booth at fairs, rodeos, carnivals, & more!

We need volunteers at the fair booths, to save oregon now!

We would love YOUR help in finding out about these events!

We also need help manning the booth!

talk to and meet with like minded Oregonians!

meet people and have fun in oregon!

We need to get the word out and share the GOOD NEWS!

If you like getting out and talking in person, this might be perfect for YOU!

Admin/ behind the scenes!

We need volunteers in the office to help save oregon now!

You can work right from your home if you like!  There's lots that goes on to keep the operation humming along smoothly!  We'd LOVE YOUR HELP!

Coordinating volunteers!

coordinating volunteers to SAVE oregon now!

Maybe you love organizing events and getting people plugged in and on track!

Help YOUR Cause!

While Oregon First PAC is completely staffed by VOLUNTEERS, just like YOU, we do have necessary expenses.

Some of our expenses are: web hosting fees, cellular phones, printing, mailing, fuel and some statewide travel costs, yard signs, radio ads, etc.!  We strive for the lowest costs- unlike SOME of our politicians!

Your support and contributions enable us to inform voters of this much needed campaign!

 Your generous donation will fund our mission.


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Better yet, see us in person!

Feel free to message us, if you want to get involved or have a question, or simply subscribe below to keep updated on progress or new events.  Thank you, for supporting Oregon!



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